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Cars: 8 gifts for the super-rich
The DuPont Registry has some ideas on how to spend lots of your holiday cash.
December 5, 2005: 8:36 AM EST
By Peter Valdes-Dapena, staff writer
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NEW YORK ( - For those with plenty of money looking for a unique gift for someone special, the DuPont Registry is offering a few suggestions this holiday season. You'll need plenty of wrapping paper, and your friends will need extra room under their Christmas trees.

The DuPont Registry is sort of an AutoTrader for the very well-heeled. Most of the classified ads that fill its pages are offering rare and collectible automobiles. The magazine's display ads feature a variety of products and services that cater to virtually every need or want of the ostentatiously well-off, regardless of taste.

The magazine's list of holiday gift suggestions is culled from the ranks of the magazine's display ads. We selected a few of the more interesting ones and kept it to a motor-vehicle theme. DuPont's list of suggestions also include watches, bicycles and the like.

As an added service, we've culled a few compelling items from among the magazine's classified listings. These items aren't cheap either (the fire engine sounds like a bargain, though) but if you've got the money they'd be great stuffers for someone's stocking-shaped garage.

Enjoy the Holidays and happy driving!

Holiday gift cars gallery

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