Coke going flat at U. Michigan?
Report: Other schools also no longer selling firm's products; complaints involve labor, environment.

NEW YORK ( - The University of Michigan has decided against renewing its $1.4 million contract with Coke because of a disagreement regarding the company's labor practices in Colombia, said a report published Friday.

Michigan, with 50,000 students across three campuses, is the largest victory yet for activists who seek to pressure Coke on alleged labor and environmental abuses, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Activists say Coke was complicit in violence against union workers in Colombia, which the company denies. They also accuse Coke of bad water usage practices in India.

Representatives from several universities formed a commission to investigate the allegations, and Coke agreed to a third-party probe. But the parties haven't been able to agree on the specific terms of the investigation.

University contracts represent a small portion of Coke's overall revenue, but the impact on the company could be greater because it relies heavily on its marketing image, according to the Journal-Constitution.


Coke shareholders are reigning in excessive pay packages for management. You can read the full story here.

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