5 growth tips for women in business
Organizations that offer advice, contacts and other resources for women entrepreneurs.

NEW YORK (FORTUNE Small Business Magazine) - If you're a smart entrepreneur, you want intelligence. That means finding groups, individuals and sites with information that can help your business. Here are a few:

COMMITTEE OF 200: This Chicago-based group of influential women offers the Growing Entrepreneurs Mentoring Program, which provides advisors for women who own businesses with $3 million to $10 million in sales. www.c200.org

MAKE MINE A $MILLION BUSINESS PROGRAM: To help women entrepreneurs reach $1 million in annual revenues, this program gives participants a year of business coaching and other resources.

It is run by Count-Me-In, a nonprofit dedicated to increasing women's access to capital, and OPEN for American Express (FSB's distribution partner), the corporation's small-business group. www.makemineamillion.org

SPRINGBOARD ENTERPRISES: This Washington, D.C., nonprofit offers networking programs, seminars, venture forums, and workshops to teach women how to gain access to equity markets.

Participants have raised significant amounts of capital. www.springboardenterprises.org

WOMEN PRESIDENTS' ORGANIZATION: The 2006 WPO Annual Conference in Chicago, April 27-29, includes a session for women who want to pitch their business plans to venture capitalists. www.womenpresidentsorg.com

WOMEN'S TECHNOLOGY CLUSTER: The San Francisco business incubator helps female technology entrepreneurs find sources of capital through introductions, conferences, mentoring, and other services. www.wtc-sf.org


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