FORTUNE 500 2006  
FORTUNE 500    
What can you buy for $500? 24 great splurges
Look sharp. Get away from it all. Hang with Tony Soprano? $500 buys more than you think.
By Kate Bonamici, FORTUNE reporter. Additional reporting by Telis Demos, Kyla Jones, Eugenia Levenson, Peter Lewis, Rima Suqi, Christopher Tkaczyk and Reed Tucker.

NEW YORK (FORTUNE) - We admit it: $500 is hardly a staggering sum when it comes to investments like custom suits or watches that will be passed on as heirlooms.

It's not in the ballpark of possibility when you talk about a really over-the-top vacation, and cars don't even merit consideration. But wait! You can slip behind the wheel of a Ferrari for $500 (sure, it's for just five hours, but we can only do so much magic).

FORTUNE 500 2006
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In honor of the Fortune 500 list we've assembled some great $500 treats - some indulgent, some great deals, and some...unexpected.

How about hiring a Tony Soprano look-alike to attend a Sopranos viewing party? For audiophiles, surely wireless surround sound is worth the cash.

Click here to see how you can splurge with $500

And if anything counts as truly extravagant, it's got to be steaks you cook at home for $122 a pop - make it a dinner party your friends will never forget (for another $500 they can wash down those porterhouses with ten bottles of Veuve Clicquot rosť).

Whether you pick one or two favorites or slap down $12,000 for everything, there's sure to be something tempting. Top of page

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