Ford worker wins $225,000 before he's laid off
Employee bought ticket on his way to Atlanta-area plant that is closing down: newspaper.

NEW YORK ( -- An Atlanta-area man won $225,000 in the Georgia Lottery on the last day of employment at a Ford factory that is closing, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Jerome McInnis, 52, of College Park, Georgia, bought the winning ticket when he stopped to buy gas on way to work at the Ford plant in Hapeville, Ga., according to the newspaper.

McInnis, who worked at Ford for 13 years, said after learning he had won, he was so excited he drove off without pumping the gas he'd paid for, according to the Atlanta newspaper.

"This comes at a great time," McInnis, who plans to invest the money, told the Journal-Constitution. "This will enable me to take care of everything."

Ford (Charts), like its rival GM (down $0.40 to $33.96, Charts), has been forced to close factories and lay off employees as it struggles to restructure itself to compete better against more efficient Japanese automakers like Honda (up $0.64 to $36.01, Charts) and Toyota (Charts).


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