Kozmo.com is back from the dead

kozmo.com relaunch
Kozmo, the once-doomed delivery service, has been resurrected and promises a return to glory.

Kozmo.com, an online delivery service that was one of the poster children for the dot-com bust, is back. Sort of.

The Kozmo website was resurrected this month, with a promise that it will be "relauching soon with the vision to fulfill your online order incredibly fast, and on-demand."

The domain for Kozmo is owned by the Los Angeles-based Yummy Foods, LLC. Whether or not they purchased the rights to the company from Kozmo's original founders, Joseph Park and Yong Kang, is unclear. And finer details about the company are also uncertain - what it will deliver, where it will deliver, how it will deliver are all unanswered.

The old Kozmo would let you order items ranging from food, movies, books and music, and it would deliver your order in under an hour, sans fee. Believe it or not, that didn't prove to be a viable business model. It's likely that Kozmo's new owners have something different in mind.

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According to Valleywag, Yummy Foods is the parent company for Yummy.com, an online grocery delivery service which requires a $100 minimum order. And it apparently has been after the Kozmo trademark for a couple of years now. Yummy Foods declined to comment for the story.

It remains to be seen if this stunt is an attempt to truly resurrect Kozmo, or just capitalize on fond memories of what once was. But what is clear is that this latest startup boom is strong enough to wake the ghosts of internet past.

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