Friday Links

110113 - friday links


A weekly collection of design, data and interactive links.

Design/Data viz
Information Design | Collection of graphics made by catalogtree
MLB team values | Interactive visualization showing franchise valuations
Bible visualized | Series of images that display different ways to visualize the Bible
Pixelstick | Evolved light painting
Newark map | T.J.S. Landis' birdseye map of Newark, New Jersey in 1895.
Car Mode | A Plea For iPhones To Have A Safer "Car Mode"

Why I Study Physics | Graduate film project from Xiangjun Shi
Dietrich Wegner | Smoke plume tree houses and homes on stilts by artist
Beauty of Mathematics | A triptych showing how code translates to math and function
Minorville Cover Reveal | Process video showing how the cover was made

WebGL Shaders | Video tutorial by Twitter University
Topcoat | CSS for clean and fast web apps

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