Coming soon: The Maxwell House K-Cup

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The coffee menu for your Keurig machine is getting even longer.

Starting this fall, Keurig (GMCR) will partner with Kraft (KRFT) to offer Maxwell House, Yuban and Gevalia K-Cups.

Kraft has been selling a "single serve" coffee product for awhile that works in Keurig machines, but this will be the first time the companies are collaborating on branding and distribution.

Call it the morning beverage friendship. It's already caffeinating returns, at least for Keurig Green Mountain. The company's stock soared 13% Friday, sending the stock to its highest price ever -- over $135 a share.

To put it another way, you can buy roughly 220 K-Cups at the grocery store for the same price as one share of Keurig stock.

The deal hasn't done much for Kraft, however. Its stock was flat after the announcement.

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Keurig Green Mountain
Keurig Green Mountain stock popped another 13% after its deal with Kraft

Keurig already has dozens of K-cup partnerships, including ones with Dunkin' Donuts (DNKN), Starbucks (SBUX) and Snapple (DPS). This latest deal also adds McCafe, the McDonald's (MCD) coffee that is sold in stores, to the K-Cup offerings, since Kraft helps promote and distribute McCafe.

"They have all these partner brands. This really gives the consumer what they want," says Marc Riddick, a senior analyst at Williams Capital who covers the stock. "Keurig doesn't need to dictate to a consumer what they should chose."

Keurig's stock is up an incredible 77% since the start of the year, as the home coffee and tea brewing machine gains in popularity. The company joined forces with Coca-Cola (KO) in February, and there are plans for a cold beverage Keurig machine.

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"I am positive on the management team, but the bigger issue is the growth that is available in this beverage space," says Riddick. He notes that consumers are voting with their dollars and shifting more to coffee and tea and away from carbonated soft drinks.

The Kraft deal makes Keurig's device even more integral to a typical home. In some ways, Keurig has managed to do what smartphone makers have done -- the coffeemaker is now the focal point device for consumers to access a wide variety of beverages, much like apps on smartphones.

Investors are sensing there could be even more partnerships in the works.

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