WeedHire: The job search app for the legal pot biz

The many faces of legal marijuana
The many faces of legal marijuana

Looking for a job in the legal marijuana industry? There's an app for that.

WeedHire is a new app that connects pot labs, dispensaries and even government regulators to potential employees. The Android app debuted this week, and the startup says an iPhone app is now under review by Apple (AAPL).

Nearly 300 employers nationwide have already posted jobs, ranging from salespeople to weed police.

Marijuana is now fully legal in two states -- Colorado and Washington. It is also legal for medical use in 21 other states, plus the District of Columbia. Despite an unwavering federal prohibition on weed, it's a quickly growing industry.

The app lets employers post openings. Job seekers can search in a specific geographic area, upload resumes, submit them and share job posts with friends.

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WeedHire isn't perfect. The search and contact-saving features are a little buggy. And there are still plenty of pot jobs that aren't listed.

For example, medical marijuana is legal in New York. but there's only one job within 100 miles of New York City: lab director at the Steep Hill Lab in Watertown, Conn.

But there are 52 jobs near Denver and another 19 jobs in the Seattle area. Among them:

  • "Cannabis courier" for Canary, a delivery service. It pays $25 an hour and offers a flexible schedule. All you need is a set of wheels and a medical marijuana card.
  • Software developer for Viridian Sciences, which makes business software. The job description: "Despite the stereotypical demographic, we are looking for legitimate professionals with solidified skills."
  • "Patient consultant" for the weed-growing Green City Collective. It's $10 an hour to greet customers and do inventory. Expertise on marijuana strains is required. But any past felonies or drug-related convictions? You're disqualified.

Indoor pot growing uses 1% of U.S. power
Indoor pot growing uses 1% of U.S. power

There are also lots of government jobs with Arizona and Minnesota's health departments; Colorado's attorney general's office; Denver's city government; Los Angeles' attorney's office; and Washington's liquor and cannabis regulator.

That last one pays police academy graduates between $42,588 and $55,836. But you're disqualified if you have smoked pot more than 15 times -- ever.

"The key to success for the whole industry is through a qualified workforce," said WeedHire CEO David Bernstein. "We want to give [employers] every opportunity to hire in a safe, controlled environment."

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So far, WeedHire is free for everyone. But job seekers can pay $50 to have someone write their resumes for them. And there's potential for a paid "VIP Resume" service that will highlight your resume above others.

Eventually, WeedHire says it plans to charge employers $25 per job posting. There will also be fee for promoting positions higher up in job seekers' search results.

It's the latest sign the weed industry is maturing.

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