Top 20 colleges with most billionaire alumni

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University of Pennsylvania tops the list of colleges with the most billionaires as undergraduate alumni, according to a Wealth-X and UBS report.

In perhaps the most prestigious college ranking, a new report lists colleges with most global billionaire grads.

According to Wealth-X and UBS's "Billionaire Census," the University of Pennsylvania tops the list of 20 schools with the highest number of billionaire alumni.

The rest of the list reads like a laundry list of Ivy League and prestigious U.S. universities.

Some schools beyond the ivory tower made the cut: University of Mumbai and Moscow State University.

Schools that are tied were ranked by Wealth-X in terms of which has the wealthiest billionaires.

One surprising fact: 35% of billionaires didn't graduate from college.

Take a look to see which schools have the most super rich alums.

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