6 played out holiday gifts nobody wants

gift ideas overdone
When it comes to gift giving, they say it's the thought that counts. But with these gifts, not so much.

You know what's worse than re-gifting? Mundane gifting.

"Everyone is tired of getting those generic gifts that just end up going unused or thrown into a drawer," said Michelle Madhok, shopping expert and founder of SHEfinds.

She said there is no excuse for giving impersonal gifts these days. "You can stalk people pretty easily online on sites like Facebook or Pinterest to get a better sense of what might make a good gift."

So put down the scarf.

We talked to shopping experts to get their take on the top over-gifted items.

bad gifts scented items

Anything scented. Whether it's a candle, potpourri, bubble bath or reed diffusors, it's time to retire scented gifts.

"When it comes to beauty or scent-related products, those can actually be very personal; it's harder to give than you think," said Madhok.

bad gifts leather

Leather accessories for men. Men can be hard to shop for, but don't default to wrapping up the clichéd belt or wallet. He probably already has one.

"These items are made to last a long time, they last more than a year and don't need to be replaced that often," said Howard Schaffer, vice president of Offers.com.

A better option, according to image consultant and personal shopper Amanda Sanders, is men's jewelry.

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bad gifts calendar

Calendars. Yes, there are mall kiosks dedicated to calendars and everyone is excited for the new year, but here's the reality: they often go to waste.

"With smartphones and computers, everyone keeps their schedules online. And if they aren't, it's on a white board in their office," said Schaffer.

Sanders suggested gifting a coffee table book that fits with the recipient's tastes and interests.

bad gifts picture frames

Picture frames. Unless it includes a personal image, skip the picture frame this year. It'll just end up getting regifted.

"It's too generic and non-descript," said Sanders. "They are universally passed along."

bad gifts holiday decor

Holiday décor. It's easy to get caught up in the holiday magic when shopping, but most people don't need another ornament, talking Santa or holiday tchotchke.

"What's even worse is when it's from last season, so you know it was 75% off last year and they've been storing it in a closet and now it can't be returned," said Schaffer.

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bad gifts girl

Boring staples. Everyone needs socks, scarves and gloves, but that doesn't mean they want them gifted.

"All those generic items that are touted in stores as the perfect gift for everyone, obviously they can't be perfect for everyone," said Madhok.

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