Meet the world's smallest PC

intel compute stick
The $149 Intel Compute Stick is the world's smallest Windows PC.

Intel unveiled the world's smallest Windows PC, a tiny thumb-drive-sized device that converts any television or monitor into a functional computer.

Similar to the Google (GOOGL) Chromecast or Amazon (AMZN) Fire Stick, the Intel Compute Stick can be plugged into an HDMI port. Though Intel (INTC) says the Compute Stick can be used for streaming video, it can also do more than that.

The four-inch Compute Stick comes installed with Windows 8.1, 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. It connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi, and it has a microSD slot for additional storage if you need it.

"It's everything you love about your desktop computer in a device that fits in the palm of your hand," says Intel.

Well ... your desktop computer probably has a keyboard, a mouse, a lot more storage and RAM, and a much faster processor. But point taken, Intel: It's a full-fledged computer that's the size of a pack of gum. That's pretty neat.

Intel suggests that the Compute Stick be used for "light productivity, social networking, Web browsing, and streaming media or games." It also said small businesses might use it as an inexpensive computing solution.

The Intel Compute Stick will cost $149 and will go on sale later this year. A version that runs Linux will sell for $89.

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