Nice try: Goldman Sachs CEO Twitter account is a fake

fake lloyd blankfein twitter

No, the most powerful man on Wall Street isn't on Twitter...yet.

The Twitter (TWTR)account that appeared appeared Friday morning claiming to be that of Goldman Sachs (GS) CEO Lloyd Blankfein is just a hoax.

But it sure got people talking.

Within two hours the account, @LCBlankfein, quickly gained more than 200 followers, including some journalists who welcomed Blankfein to the Twitter world. Many were probably hoping for colorful snippets from Blankfein, who in 2009 drew eye rolls by saying he was just a banker "doing God's work."

The spoof account took a very vanilla tone, sending out three dull messages about the January jobs report.

"Rpt will change mkt direction. 8:30 est. We are watching very closely," the first tweet read ahead of the release of the important piece of economic data.

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Goldman Sachs -- through its verified Twitter account -- quickly shot down the hoax.

"Sorry to disappoint, but @LCBlankfein is not the real Blankfein," the bank wrote.

fake lloyd blankfein twitter

Minutes later, @LCBlankfein changed its description from saying it was the "official" account of the Goldman CEO to just a "parody account."

Yet as CNNMoney's Paul La Monica pointed out (on Twitter), for a spoof account, @LCBlankfein is pretty tame.

It's nothing like @GSElevator, the hugely popular Twitter account that claimed to give followers a glimpse inside the investment bank.

That account has grown to more than 700,000 followers by sending out humorous and juicy tweets about five-figure bar tabs and dating stories.

It turns out the man behind @GSElevator lives in Texas, not on Wall Street. Yet the former bond executive still landed a six-figure book deal early last year.

Blankfein is hardly the only Wall Street executive to be spoofed on Twitter.

A fake account claiming to represent JPMorgan Chase (JPM) CEO Jamie Dimon emerged in August 2014. Twitter suspended the account about 24 hours after it emerged.

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