JNCO jeans are totally coming back, dude

Toss your skinny jeans, because JNCO is back
Toss your skinny jeans, because JNCO is back

Skate rats rejoice! Because the JNCO brand is totally coming back, dude.

Survivors of the 1990s will remember those enormous pants, in denim for skate boarders and slackers, and in black for Goths.

Now the brand, based in Los Angeles (where else?), is ending its fashion hiatus and putting its gigantic pants back on store shelves.

JNCO will release a new line of clothes this fall, including the "heritage" brand of baggy jeans.

Steven Sternberg, managing director for JNCO, said the heritage line was just unveiled at a trade show in Las Vegas and the response was so strong that he's going to try to get them on the market earlier.

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"People are like, 'We're so happy you're back!'" said Sternberg, who also worked JNCO in the early 1990s when the clownish jeans were ubiquitous.

In addition to the heritage line, he said the company will offer new styles and designs for cargo pants, T-shirts, plaids and "joggers," which are a cross between jeans and jogging pants.

"We took the DNA of the brand and we retooled it," he said.

All the clothes will be made in LA.

JNCO discussed the launch on Facebook (FB), which didn't even exist back when JNCOs were a common sight at skate parks and shopping malls.

"I guess the word is getting out there!" said JNCO. "Thanks everyone for your part in helping our return."

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JNCO either stands for "journey of the chosen ones" or "judge none, choose one," according to various logos on the company web site.

JNCO started up in 1985 and never actually went away. But it stopped making its famously flared "jean your parent never wore" back in the 2000s, said Sternberg. So the company faded in the background.

Sternberg hopes to bring back brand recognition with flared legs that are 20 inches and 23 inches wide.

He admitted this is a far cry from the 60-inch flares the brand used to make. But he hinted that even the giant pants might come back.

"I don't think we'll go crazy right away," he said. "But I think at some point we might go crazy, for the attention we might get from the press."

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