Kid stumps Disney's CEO with question

5 Stunning stats about Disney
5 Stunning stats about Disney

For Disney CEO Bob Iger, one of the toughest questions came from a six-year-old .

"Is the name of Disney Hollywood Studios going to be renamed?" asked Gideon, age 6, during The Walt Disney Company's annual shareholders' meeting on Thursday.

Iger was momentarily stumped by the question, apparently unaware that the company's theme park in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., was due for a name change.

"We're doing some significant work there right now, that I guess will result in a name change," said Iger, caught slightly off guard. He then reaches out mid sentence to other Disney executives to help him figure out what the appropriate answer is. "It's not been announced, right?"

Finally, after some help from his colleagues, Iger said: "We're changing the name but we won't announce what we're changing it to."

Then he quipped, "We're not changing it to 'Rogue One.'"

That was a reference to "Star Wars" related announcement from earlier in the meeting. Disney (DIS) said it is working on a stand-alone film from the "Star Wars" universe called "Rogue One," which is separate from its nine-episode "Star Wars" saga.

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It wasn't the first question for Iger from his youngest shareholders. He had already fielded another one earlier in the meeting.

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"What advice would you give a kid like me who would like your job someday?" asked Cory, another kid who did not reveal his age.

Iger was ready for that one: "One thing you can keep doing is keep coming to our shareholder meetings and we'll get to know you better."

But then he got more serious: "I think the best advice I could possibly give you is to have patience, work hard, enjoy what you do, continue to pursue opportunities that come your way. Just go for it."

His words of advice were followed by applause from shareholders, who had a lot to cheer about.

Disney earnings have been on a hot streak and the stock is at an all-time high. The upcoming sequels for "Star Wars" and "Frozen" should help the company build on its blockbuster success.

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