Sony's PlayStation 4 finally goes on sale in China

Sony surges. Take that, North Korea!
Sony surges. Take that, North Korea!

Here's the good news for Chinese gamers: Sony's PlayStation 4 is finally on sale in the country. The bad news? Only six games are available.

After months of delays, the popular Sony console made its official China debut on Friday, with a game roster that is limited to Knack, Dynasty Warriors 8, Trials Fusion, Rayman Legends, King of WuShu and Mr. Pumpkin's Adventure.

Bummer. That means popular titles including Grand Theft Auto, Uncharted or Final Fantasy aren't available.

Sony (SNE) said it hopes to quickly expand its game library in China. A spokesperson said the company was working to produce Chinese language versions and secure approval from authorities. Additional titles will have to make it past China's censors, who keep a tight grip on violent and mature content.

For Sony, the ability to offer any gaming products to Chinese consumers is something of a victory. China only lifted its 14-year-old ban on game consoles in January 2014, opening a potentially lucrative new market for Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

Microsoft (MSFT) was first out of the gate, bringing the Xbox One to market in September with limited game offerings.

Sorry, Kim Jong-un! Sony has made huge comeback

China implemented a blanket restriction on the manufacture and sale of consoles and games in 2000, citing worries over violent content and the potential for moral decay.

With the ban in place, Chinese gamers keen to try consoles were forced to rely on the black market. Pirated PlayStation 4s were widely available at electronics markets in China, and lax enforcement allowed them to be sold in the open.

Controversial game titles were also available.

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The restrictions did little to slow the proliferation of PC, online and mobile gaming in China, all of which flourished in the absence of consoles.

Even with the limited game selection, some Chinese social media users were excited to become official Sony customers.

"To all the gamers: Today is a day worth remembering, because SONY released PS 4 today in China!" one fan said on Weibo.

-- CNN's Junko Ogura and Serena Dong contributed reporting.

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