Watch a chimp knock down a drone

Chimpanzee takes down a drone
Chimpanzee takes down a drone

Even chimpanzees hate drones and their creepy cameras.

On Friday, a zoo in the Netherlands posted a YouTube video that showed how a chimpanzee -- annoyed at the drone zipping by her -- used a tree branch to knock that sucker to the ground.

According to the Royal Burgers' Zoo, the drone was being used to film the second season of an animal TV show.

"Once the intelligent apes discovered the spying plane ... they immediately armed themselves with long sticks," the zoo posted on its YouTube page.

In the video, a female chimp sitting on a tree limb lunges forward as the drone files by. Her first swing, a powerful downward stroke, misses. But she nails the copter with a backstroke.

The drone spins out of control and comes crashing down. Then an ape -- maybe the same one -- runs over and inspects the GoPro camera underneath the drone.

The zoo said the drone was destroyed.

Human beings inclined to do the same thing can use a drone net gun. And drone hunting by private-minded, pissed off farmers was almost a real thing in Deer Trail, Colorado last year -- until voters there voted down the idea.

This drone throws flames, sprays graffiti
This drone throws flames, sprays graffiti

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