Apple's stock hits another all-time high

Apple's huge profit margin
Apple's huge profit margin

Apple's stock just reached another all-time high Tuesday after announcing that it had one of its best quarters ever.

Its stock clocked $134.54 when markets opened Tuesday, surpassing its previous high of $133.60 set in February. It's stock has since fallen back a bit.

Investors smiled ear-to-ear on Monday after Apple reported revenue of $58 billion and profits of $13.6 billion, records for the company's second quarter. Apple is increasing its dividend to shareholders too.

The fun doesn't stop there. Apple also sold 61 million iPhones, or 42% more than it sold in the same quarter a year ago. Millions of iPads and Mac computers fed the Apple cash cow in its last quarter as well.

Buzz has also built up on Apple's latest gadget, the Apple Watch.

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Some customers are finally starting to receive their Apple Watches too. Apple (AAPL) has received huge demand for the watch with 1.7 million pre-orders. Apple began shipping them last Friday and about 22% of customers already have the prized watch, according to Slice Intelligence, an e-commerce data firm.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said customers' response to the Watch has been "overwhelmingly positive,"

"It's been really great to see the reaction of customers. We couldn't be happier," Cook said during a conference call.

Still, many customers will wait until June or later to get the watch, Which fetches between $349 and $17,000 depending on the version.

The growing excitement on the Watch only helped boost more excitement about Apple's earnings Monday afternoon. In January, Apple's reported the highest corporate profits of all time in a single quarter.

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