Seth Meyers' tribute to 'Headless Body in Topless Bar'

Seth Meyers pays homage to V.A. Musetto's great headline
Seth Meyers pays homage to V.A. Musetto's great headline

Seth Meyers noted the death of the New York Post editor who wrote what many consider to be the best ever tabloid headline, and paid tribute to city's edgy newspaper headlines.

On "Late Night With Seth Meyers" Thursday, the host talked about the death of Vincent Musetto, the man who wrote the 1983 front page "Headless Body in Topless Bar" about a grisly strip joint murder in which the victim was decapitated.

"Of the many wonderful things about living in New York City, one special gift about this town is walking down the street and seeing the newspaper headlines every day. They are often very creative. Sometimes they are offensive, which are also very fun," he said.

Meyers recounted the story of how the headline came to be written, including a last minute check to make sure the murder scene was a topless bar. Taking a little liberty, Meyers describes the moment when a reporter confirmed it was a strip bar.

"When the call came in that, yes, it was a topless bar, everybody celebrated like mission control celebrates after a successful moon landing," he said.

Turning more somber, Meyers concluded, "Rest in peace Vincent Musetto, one of the many people who bring a lot of character to this wonderful city."


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