Donald Trump heckled during 'SNL'... by Larry David

Best of Trump on SNL in 90 seconds
Best of Trump on SNL in 90 seconds

Live from New York, it's Donald Trump.

Not one, not two, but three Donald Trumps took the "Saturday Night Live" stage on Saturday as Taran Killam and Darrell Hammond played the brash presidential candidate.

"A lot of greats have hosted this show, including me in 2004," the real Trump said to open the show.

For a moment, viewers' hearts jumped when someone could be heard screaming "Trump is a racist!"

The heckler turned out to be Larry David, who showed up as Bernie Sanders in the show's cold open.

"I heard if I yelled that they'd give me $5,000," David said.

Trump said with a shrug, "As a businessman I can respect that."

A Latino group had offered a $5,000 "bounty" to anyone in the show's audience who would yell "Trump is a racist" during the NBC broadcast.

The group,, said following David's "outburst" that it would give the money to David.

"We are excited to reward the Larry David with $5,000 cash for 'standing up' to Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live and speaking the truth about his anti-Latino racism, even though he was joking," the group said.

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Other Latino groups protested Trump's appearance as host on Saturday night by demonstrating in front of NBC's headquarters with signs that said "Dump Trump" and chants that called "SNL" racist.

Some Latinos are angry that "SNL" invited Trump to host after he portrayed Mexican immigrants as criminals and rapists in his campaign launch speech.

According to CNN producer Noah Gray, who was in the audience for Saturday's show, the protests outside did not interfere with the broadcast.

Following the opening monologue, the first sketch of the night envisioned a world in which Trump became president and "made America great again."

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"See? I told you it was more than words on a hat," Cecily Strong said, playing Trump's wife Melania.

The sketch had the Mexican president giving Trump a check for the wall he built along the border, and the American people being so sick of "winning all the time."

"Everyone loves the new laws you tweeted," Moynihan said, playing one of President Trump's staff members.

Trump seemed like a good sport the whole time, Gray said -- he warmly greeted the cast members and waved to his family members, who were seated in the first row.

His daughter Ivanka, who appeared in the White House sketch, and wife Melania smiled and laughed with other members of Trump's family throughout most of the 90-minute show.

Some of the family members stopped smiling when Bobby Moynihan's "Drunk Uncle" character on "Weekend Update" praised Trump, however.

As the credits rolled, Trump pointed to his family in the front row, gave them a huge thumbs up, which then became a double thumbs up, and gave them all a big air kiss before leaving the stage. Gray said he attended the famous "SNL" after party.

When he called into CNN's "State of the Union" on Sunday morning, Trump said the hosting gig was a "great honor."

"It was really well received," he said, "and probably got very good ratings."

The overnight ratings will come in on Sunday morning.

CNN's Noah Gray contributed reporting.

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