We tried Starbucks' new drink: The latte macchiato

Is Starbucks unstoppable?
Is Starbucks unstoppable?

Starbucks has added a new "core" drink to its menu: the latte macchiato.

It went on sale on Tuesday. It has milk and espresso and is part of the espresso family -- doppio espresso, cappuccino, caffé latte, etc.

Listen to Starbucks (SBUX) describe it: The latte macchiato is made of whole milk "perfectly aerated and free-poured creating dense foam reminiscent of meringue."

Oh, and of course it contains "slowly-poured full espresso shots."

We watched our barista prepare it for us early Tuesday before sunrise: She started with the heated milk and then added the espresso shots. The order is key: milk first, then espresso. It tasted like a latte with a little more espresso in it.

Got it? Good.

The latte macchiato will be available in the United States, Canada and most of Latin America.

starbucks new latte macchiato
Starbucks debuts its new latte macchiato, shown here with the signature espresso dot.

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