Stephen Colbert moderates Trump vs. Trump 'Late Show' debate

Colbert moderates a Trump vs. Trump debate
Colbert moderates a Trump vs. Trump debate

"If Fox News has no Trump, then I'm all Trump."

That's how Stephen Colbert kicked off his all-Trump "debate" on CBS' "The Late Show" Thursday night. The host pulled together clips and soundbites of Donald Trump disagreeing with himself.

Colbert acting as moderator started the event by asking the GOP frontrunner about his thoughts on the chances of presidential rival Ted Cruz.

"I don't think Ted Cruz has a great chance to be honest with you... He's a nasty guy, nobody likes him," Trump said in a clip from January, 17, 2016.

"Okay, so no one, no one likes Ted Cruz," Colbert said. "Mr. Trump, a rebuttal."

"I really do. I like Ted Cruz a lot," Trump said in a clip from December, 11, 2015.

trump colbert debate
Stephen Colbert moderated an all Donald Trump debate on "The Late Show" Thursday night.

Colbert paused pretending to take notes and then said, "Right out the gate, there's a strong difference of opinion between our one candidate."

The comedian continued the bit showing Trump contradicting himself on subjects like the people of Iowa, Hillary Clinton, and Fox News host Megyn Kelly.

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Colbert showed a clip from 2011 of Trump telling Kelly that she's "done a great job" which was followed by Trump saying on Thursday he has "zero respect for Megyn Kelly."

"I must warn you to be careful, Mr. Trump, in the past when you've turned against a woman that way she ends up with half your assets," Colbert said and smiled.

Colbert's all-Trump debate took place on the same night that Trump boycotted Fox News' GOP debate over issues with moderator Kelly and Fox News chairman Roger Ailes.

"The Late Show" host concluded his "debate" thanking Trump for "being just as divided as this country is."


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