Stuck in traffic? This concept car comes with detachable skateboard

Mercedes sales are booming in China
Mercedes sales are booming in China

Forget that tired old sedan! Carmakers debuted new ideas at the Beijing Auto Show this week that included a detachable electric skateboard and a heated shoebox.

Audi's latest concept car, based on its Q3 model, features an electric longboard that is stored in the rear bumper of the vehicle. The idea is that drivers in traffic-clogged cities can switch from traveling by car to hopping on the skateboard if it'll help them arrive on time.

The Audi's computer system is linked to the driver's smartphone calendar, enabling it to calculate and recommend the best travel option for appointments.

"In case the longboard option is faster, the system will recommend a parking space nearby so that the driver may continue the commute to the destination with the electric board," Audi said in a statement.

audi concept car

But longboard fans with money to burn shouldn't get too excited. Audi doesn't say if the futuristic concept, which was developed at its research facilities in Beijing, is ever likely to make it to the mass market. For now, the company is waiting to see what the response is like to the idea, a spokeswoman said.

The board's battery is charged while inside the bumper and can last for more than 12 kilometers (7½ miles), according to the company. The device, which has a handlebar that folds out, can go as fast as 30 kph (19 mph).

Volvo, meanwhile, unveiled a luxury interior that appears tailored to China's growing ranks of super rich.

volvo concept interior

The design concept -- modeled on the interior of the S90 sedan -- includes a cup holder that heats or cools drinks and a large video screen. Volvo also took out the front passenger seat to give the person in the back more room.

Passengers can also store their shoes in a box that doubles as a heated foot rest. There's even a refrigerator hidden in the rear armrest that comes equipped with two crystal glasses.

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