Pornhub now offers porn for visually impaired

porn hub cares

Pornhub wants to make its videos accessible to everyone.

The porn site released a new category of videos for people who are visually impaired called "Described Video" on Wednesday.

"Each video includes special narration that has been tailored and crafted to give the user full enjoyment of the scene," Pornhub said in a statement.

The audio descriptions go into detail about what the models are doing, what they're wearing, where they are and how shots are edited.

"The original audio remains intact but will act as an underscore to the scene," Pornhub said.

In a safe-for-work YouTube demo, a sample audio description went something like this: "Cut to a side shot inside the cab ... A girl gets in, black hair, lots of makeup, and squeezing a nice curvy figure into a tight blue dress."

The new feature is launching with 50 videos, chosen from Pornhub's most viewed videos, spanning all varieties. Voiceovers are recorded by professional voice actors and Pornhub Aria, its social media personality.

Accessibility for online entertainment and news has become a mission for many digital media companies.

Netflix (NFLX) last year added audio descriptions to some of its popular shows. And Twitter (TWTR) and Facebook (FB) rolled out image captioning earlier this year.

Pornhub plans to add more videos in the future and is encouraging people to make and upload similar videos "with the differently-abled user in mind," said Corey Price, Pornhub's vice president, adding that the goal is to "initiate a larger conversation with our user base on how to make Pornhub more accessible to all."

Pornhub's new Described Video category launched under Pornhub Cares, the platform's philanthropic group. Pornhub Cares has raised money for breast cancer, testicular cancer, and domestic violence awareness.

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