10 of Breitbart's most incendiary headlines

The controversial work of Trump's chief strategist
The controversial work of Trump's chief strategist

President-elect Donald Trump's chief White House strategist hails from a website that traffics in incendiary headlines, many of them outwardly racist, misogynist, anti-Semitic -- and very, very pro-Trump.

Steve Bannon led Breitbart News before taking leave in August to run Trump's campaign.

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As recently as Sunday, amid a surge of harassment and vandalism since the election, the site published an article titled, "Wave of fake 'hate crimes' sweeps anti-Trump social media." The Breitbart Twitter account, meanwhile, celebrated Bannon's new job.

Here's a sampling of Breitbart's most incendiary headlines:

'The solution to online 'harassment' is simple: Women should log off'

A article in July argued that women are "screwing up the internet for men by invading every space we have online and ruining it with attention-seeking and a needy, demanding, touchy-feely form of modern feminism."

'Bill Kristol: Republican spoiler, renegade Jew'

A post in May described a "third party effort to block Trump's path to the White House" that Breitbart claimed was orchestrated by the prominent conservative and Trump critic Bill Kristol. The headline is one of the site's most infamous, and was featured this fall in a Democratic political ad.

'Trannies whine about hilarious Bruce Jenner billboard'

A December 2015 article criticized a campaign to take down a billboard mocking Caitlyn Jenner after she went public with her transition last year. "Transsexuals have forced a company in New Zealand to take down a billboard poking fun at Bruce Jenner and his man-parts," the article said.

'Birth control makes women unattractive and crazy'

A December 2015 article made a case against birth control and concluded, "We need the kids if we're to breed enough to keep the Muslim invaders at bay." The article was one of many blasted by critics of Breitbart.

'Suck it up buttercups: Dangerous Faggot Tour returns to colleges in September'

An article in July touted tour dates for a show headlined by Breitbart tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos, a prolific Breitbart writer who was banned from Twitter this summer for violating rules against abuse.

'Hoist it high and proud: The Confederate flag proclaims a glorious heritage'

An article published in July 2015, weeks after a mass shooting at a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina, slammed critics of the Confederate flag, a symbol embraced by the gunman. "Those who initiated identity politics are attempting to obliterate the Southern identity," the author of the Breitbart piece wrote. "Every tree, every rooftop, every picket fence, every telegraph pole in the South should be festooned with the Confederate battle flag."

' "Would you rather your child had feminism or cancer?" '

A February post on the website included a video created by the Michigan Review, a University of Michigan publication, to promote a debate on campus featuring Yiannopoulos. The publication asked participants the question.

'Gay rights have made us dumber, it's time to get back in the closet'

A June 2015 article by Yiannopoulos, who is openly gay, argued in favor of "forcing gays back into the closet." "I find it depressing that my fellow fags have stopped breeding," Yiannopoulos wrote.

'Science proves it: Fat-shaming works'

A July article argued that overweight people should be shamed into losing weight. "A 20-year-old has their entire life ahead of them, and those are the people we should focus on shaming into shape," the article said.

"There's no hiring bias against women in tech, they just suck at interviews"

A July article suggested that research revealed "women might just suck at job interviews."


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