Google wants to turn your old photos into digital prints

Google unveils new phone, VR headset, and Chromecast
Google unveils new phone, VR headset, and Chromecast

Google wants to make it easy to digitize all your old baby pics and awkward prom photos.

The company launched PhotoScan on Tuesday, a new app that uses your phone to scan old photos and save them online. It's now available for iOS and Android.

PhotoScan has a fairly straightforward point-and-shoot interface. Place your phone's camera in front a photo, and you'll see four dots on top of the photo. Simply hold the circle you see on the screen over the four dots, and PhotoScan automatically detects edges to crop the photo, rotates, and removes the glare.

Though you don't need to log in to Google (GOOGL) to use PhotoScan, you can upload photos from the app directly to Google Photos if you have an account. Google Photos provides free, unlimited photo storage (and full-size, high-resolution unlimited photo storage if you have a Pixel phone).

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Google's photo service already provides a robust suite of editing tools, and in September, it debuted an automated way to make movies based on "creative concepts," for instance, automatic videos of your child growing up.

Along with PhotoScan, Google Photos is releasing more advanced editing tools on Tuesday.

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