Sony showcased a $25,000 projector at CES 2017

Toyota's space-age concept car for 2030
Toyota's space-age concept car for 2030

Sony's new entertainment offerings at CES 2017 include a wildly expensive projector.

From audio prototypes to standout TVs, Sony's (SNEJF) short press conference gave a glimpse of what to expect from screens in 2017.

At a whopping $25,000, the VPL-VZ1000ES projector is Sony's latest home theater. The large black rectangle is meant to blend in with your living room and can project a 100-inch image from six inches away.

You can set up the 77-pound 4K projector pretty much anywhere with adequate wall space, which means you don't need a separate home theater room to watch your favorite movies. The costly projector is available for pre-order now and is shipping in April.

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In TV updates, Sony's launched its flagship XBR-A1E Bravia 4K OLED TV.

The speakerless TV features new audio tech -- called "acoustic surface sound technology" -- that plays the sound directly from a speaker embedded in the screen. We saw similar tech from LG at CES 2017 on Wednesday, too.

Prices aren't yet available for the TVs (which come in 55-, 65- and 77-inch models), but, for comparison, LG's 65-inch signature OLED TV costs $8,000.

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