Trump's deregulation nation; Silicon Valley tackles immigration ban; Macy's buzz

Trump: Travel ban working out very nicely
Trump: Travel ban working out very nicely

1. Deregulation nation: Investors cheered an executive order signed by President Donald Trump on Friday that began to dismantle expansive Dodd-Frank reform of Wall Street. Bulls hope it will boost stocks through the week.

Shares of big banks like JPMorgan (JPM), Wells Fargo (WFC) and Citigroup (C) rallied more than 2% each on Friday. Goldman Sachs (GS) popped over 4%. They'll aim to keep the streak going -- but they'll need Congress' help to actually repeal the bill.

Trump's promises to cut taxes, spend on infrastructure and slash regulation sent stocks surging after the election. But the president spent his early days focused on more controversial policies, such as a ban on travelers from seven Muslim-majority nations. He's also taken an aggressive stance on trade. Those actions sent a chill through Wall Street, which had been crossing its fingers for a pivot to stimulus and regulatory reform.

2. What about tech? The standoff between Trump and tech leaders over the White House's immigration ban will likely continue into next week. But for now, tech stocks are holding steady.

Strong earnings boosted Facebook (FB) and Apple (AAPL) last week. Amazon (AMZN) and Netflix (NFLX) are also performing well this year. But investors will keep a watchful eye on Silicon Valley's strained relationship with Washington, especially as industry leaders decide what further actions to take.

Last week, Uber's Travis Kalanick left the president's business advisory council, and Amazon and Expedia joined a legal challenge to the travel ban. Apple is also weighing its legal options.

3. Macy's buzz: A sale of the troubled but iconic retailer may be on the horizon.

Macy's (M) stock soared 10% Friday after the Wall Street Journal reported that Hudson's Bay (HBAYF), the parent company of Lord & Taylor and Saks Fifth Avenue, is mulling a bid. A source familiar with the matter confirmed to CNNMoney that an offer has been made but discussions are still in early stages.

Last month, Macy's said it would shut down 68 stores and cut more than 10,000 jobs after disappointing sales during the holiday season.

4. Assortment of earnings: An array of companies are set to report results this week, from GM (GM) to Disney (DIS).

Twitter (TWTR) couldn't nail down a takeover offer in 2016, but there could be renewed interest if the company posts decent earnings on Thursday. And Time Warner (TWX)'s Wednesday numbers will come under close scrutiny due to the media giant's pending sale to AT&T (T).

5. Coming this week:

Monday - 21st Century Fox (FOXA) earnings

Tuesday - CNN Town Hall on health care with Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz; GM (GM) and Disney (DIS) earnings

Wednesday - Whole Foods (WFM), Time Warner (TWX), GlaxoSmithKline (GLAXF) earnings

Thursday - Twitter (TWTR), Coca-Cola (KO), Expedia (EXPE), Yum! Brands (YUM), Dunkin' Donuts (DNKN) earnings

Friday - Renault (RNSDF) earnings