Help wanted: Gambling firm seeks a Trump expert

Trump donates salary to National Park Service
Trump donates salary to National Park Service

If you're the gambling type and you have a keen interest in American politics, your dream job has arrived.

The Irish gambling company Paddy Power is looking for a head of Trump betting to manage a surge in wagers related to the U.S. president.

At Paddy Power, you can bet on whether Obamacare will survive President Trump's first term. You can take 500-to-1 odds and bet that Trump will paint the White House gold. You can even bet on whether an American state will try to secede.

British and Irish betting houses accepted about £230 million ($286 million) in bets related to the U.S. election last year, making it the biggest non-sports event in industry history.

When Trump won, Paddy Power was burned badly. The company, which generally focuses on sports, took more than 15,000 election bets last year and lost a total of $5 million on the upset.

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President Trump is generating a lot of business for betting firms as gamblers place wagers on how the future will unfold.

The election is over, but tens of thousands of dollars are still being wagered on the young administration, said Lee Price, a Paddy Power spokesman. Interest in Trump-related bets is about 50 times what it was when Barack Obama moved into the White House.

Paddy Power wants someone to manage its online hub for Trump gambling and come up with creative bets. The company is already offering bets on how long members of Trump's Cabinet will serve, plus some more personal presidential wagers.

"The job is to be an expert in all things Trump," said Paddy Power representative, Lee Price. "In the spirit of Donald Trump's presidency, we're saying no experience required."

The job is full time -- three months for now, with a possible extension.

"If demand continues, so will the role," Price said. "We're sure Trump will keep us busy."

Paddy Power Trump job
Paddy Power is using a humorous Classified ad to promote a new role: "Head of Trump Betting".

The company listed the job in its online Careers section in March but recently began placing ads in the classified sections of two popular British newspapers to drum up interest.

Price said the company has received hundreds of applications but many were too "jokey" and the firm wanted more serious candidates. Paddy Power managers plan to start interviews by the end of next week.

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