Alibaba Singles Day sales hit $1 billion in just 2 minutes

Jack Ma: 'It's not made in China, it's made on the internet'
Jack Ma: 'It's not made in China, it's made on the internet'

The biggest shopping day of the year is off to a fast start.

It took just two minutes and one second for e-commerce giant Alibaba (BABA) to hit $1 billion in sales for Singles Day, China's annual online shopping extravaganza, the company said Saturday.

Alibaba's sales topped $10 billion after an hour and six minutes.

Singles Day takes place each year on November 11. It started as an informal holiday, sometimes dubbed an anti-Valentine's Day, intended to celebrate those not in relationships.

Alibaba began using the day for product discounts in 2009. The company has since turned it into a global event with discounted products and celebrity appearances. Think Black Friday, but even more staggering.

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Alibaba kicked off this year with gala featuring a mix of Chinese and American stars, including musician Pharrell Williams, actress Nicole Kidman and tennis player Maria Sharapova.

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"Alibaba's Singles Day shopping event no doubt will hit another record in sales this year as the Chinese online giant has expanded it to a 24-day shopping and entertainment bonanza," Andria Cheng, an analyst with research firm eMarketer, said in a statement earlier this month.

To put this year's sales in perspective, it took Alibaba nearly five minutes (or more than twice as long) to hit $1 billion in sales on Singles Day in 2016. Alibaba's total sales for the day were $17.8 billion last year.

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