Thursday night's NFL game is getting a whole new look

5 stunning stats about the NFL
5 stunning stats about the NFL

Thursday night's NFL game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Tennessee Titans is going to look a lot like a video game.

That's because NBC, which is airing the game, plans to broadcast it from a new angle, using a SkyCam placed behind the quarterback.

The camera shot is behind the line of scrimmage and closer to the field and the action. It also offers a view of nearly all 22 players on the field.

NBC was forced to use the shot during Week 7 when the New England Patriots hosted the Atlanta Falcons in a rematch of Super Bowl LI.

"Fog rolled into Gillette Stadium late in the first half," NBC said in a release. "After halftime, SkyCam technology provided the best camera angles to offer consistent and clear views of the live action."

NBC said the coverage angle was met with "widespread acclaim," but it remains to be seen how it will go over when it's used for an entire game.

The network also had to use the SkyCam during the third quarter of the Oakland Raiders-Miami Dolphins game after fireworks from the halftime show clouded the usual shot.

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"We've been aggressively planning and testing with the intent of utilizing the system for a full game," said Fred Gaudelli, the executive producer of NBC's "Sunday Night Football" and "Thursday Night Football."

"Younger generations of NFL fans have grown accustomed to watching football from this angle through their love of video games. This telecast will have a look and feel akin to that experience. We'll still have our full complement of cameras and will revert to traditional coverage when situations dictate."

NBC first announced it would be using the alternate camera angle in a tweet on Nov. 9, which included a video of what the shot will look like.

NBC's coverage starts at 7:30 pm ET and kickoff is at 8:25 pm ET.


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