'We'll get past this.' Top economist on the market turmoil

BNY exec: This is not a trade war
BNY exec: This is not a trade war

"We'll get past this."

That's the advice from BNY Mellon AMNA's Chief Economist Vincent Reinhart for everyday investors worried about a US trade war with China. Reinhart was the first guest on CNNMoney's new "Markets Now" show hosted by editor-at-large Richard Quest.

"The Chinese will keep buying US Treasury securities we'll keep buying their goods," Reinhart said.

He noted that investors weren't aware enough of the lurking risk. Recent volatility has been a reminder last year's calm rise was not normal.

But the recent volatility has mostly been limited to the stock market. Bonds and commodities aren't bouncing up or down nearly as much, which Reinhart says means the economy remains in good shape.

"Economic data has mostly done better than economists expected," he told Quest.

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