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OEPSX ProFunds Oil Equipment Svc & Dist Svc5.69-17.34%Equity Energy
OEPIX ProFunds Oil Equipment Svc & Dist Inv6.36-17.23%Equity Energy
MRAEX Meridian Enhanced Equity A13.99-13.91%Large Growth
MRCEX Meridian Enhanced Equity C13.92-13.91%Large Growth
MRIEX Meridian Enhanced Equity Investor14.10-13.86%Large Growth
MEIFX Meridian Enhanced Equity Legacy14.13-13.84%Large Growth
FSESX Fidelity® Select Energy Service Port29.69-12.58%Equity Energy
MCXIX Catalyst Macro Strategy I4.93-11.76%Multialternative
RYMJX Rydex Commodities Strategy C72.75-11.62%Commodities Broad Basket
MCXCX Catalyst Macro Strategy C4.78-11.60%Multialternative
RYMBX Rydex Commodities Strategy H81.08-11.57%Commodities Broad Basket
RYMEX Rydex Commodities Strategy A81.04-11.57%Commodities Broad Basket
MCXAX Catalyst Macro Strategy A4.88-11.53%Multialternative
RYVCX Rydex Energy Services C14.75-11.51%Equity Energy
GSCCX Goldman Sachs Commodity Strategy C10.03-11.50%Commodities Broad Basket
RYESX Rydex Energy Services A16.59-11.45%Equity Energy
RYVAX Rydex Energy Services H16.05-11.43%Equity Energy
GCCUX Goldman Sachs Commodity Strategy R610.74-11.42%Commodities Broad Basket
GCCRX Goldman Sachs Commodity Strategy R10.43-11.41%Commodities Broad Basket
GSCAX Goldman Sachs Commodity Strategy A10.60-11.40%Commodities Broad Basket
RYVIX Rydex Energy Services Inv17.70-11.38%Equity Energy
GCCIX Goldman Sachs Commodity Strategy Instl10.73-11.35%Commodities Broad Basket
GCCTX Goldman Sachs Commodity Strategy Inv10.73-11.35%Commodities Broad Basket
GGRPX Goldman Sachs Commodity Strategy P10.74-11.34%Commodities Broad Basket
PCLPX PIMCO CommoditiesPLUS® Strategy I25.31-11.30%Commodities Broad Basket
PCPSX PIMCO CommoditiesPLUS® Strategy Adm5.33-11.28%Commodities Broad Basket
UHPSX ProFunds UltraShort China Service48.34-11.28%Bear Market
PCLAX PIMCO CommoditiesPLUS® Strategy A5.25-11.26%Commodities Broad Basket
PCLIX PIMCO CommoditiesPLUS® Strategy Instl5.34-11.26%Commodities Broad Basket
PCPCX PIMCO CommoditiesPLUS® Strategy C5.02-11.25%Commodities Broad Basket
UHPIX ProFunds UltraShort China Inv53.78-11.23%Bear Market
PCLNX PIMCO CommoditiesPLUS® Strategy I-35.30-11.17%Commodities Broad Basket
SMIBX State Farm Small Cap Index B Legacy---10.93%Small Blend
SMIAX State Farm Small Cap Index Premier---10.93%Small Blend
SNRAX State Farm Small Cap Index A---10.92%Small Blend
SNRBX State Farm Small Cap Index B---10.92%Small Blend
IEYBX Ivy Energy B8.26-10.39%Equity Energy
IEYCX Ivy Energy C8.44-10.37%Equity Energy
IVEIX Ivy Energy I9.52-10.34%Equity Energy
IEYYX Ivy Energy Y9.28-10.33%Equity Energy
IYEFX Ivy Energy R9.05-10.32%Equity Energy
IEYAX Ivy Energy A9.15-10.31%Equity Energy
IENRX Ivy Energy N9.57-10.21%Equity Energy
MSPCX Morgan Stanley Inst Global Dscvry C---9.95%World Small/Mid Stock
MGDLX Morgan Stanley Inst Global Dscvry L---9.92%World Small/Mid Stock
MGDPX Morgan Stanley Inst Global Dscvry A---9.88%World Small/Mid Stock
MLDIX Morgan Stanley Inst Global Dscvry I---9.87%World Small/Mid Stock
UPUPX Upright Growth4.60-9.60%Technology
KNPCX Kinetics Paradigm Adv C43.37-9.46%Mid-Cap Growth
LSHCX Kinetics Spin-Off and Corp Rest Adv C9.61-9.45%Mid-Cap Blend
Data as of 12/12/2018