Choose your minicar concept

General Motors is asking people to vote for their favorite among these small car concepts. All three were designed at GM's Design Studio in Inchon, South Korea, one of 11 GM Global Design Studios. The Inchon studio specializes in small car development. People can place their vote at the Website GM is not promising to build whichever version wins the tally, however.

Chevrolet Beat
Chevrolet Beat
Designer: Injo Kim

Interior design: Sungtae Baek

Power: 1.2-liter turbocharged engine

Intended for the urban "tuner car" market, the Beat is designed to be easily customized.

It has 17-inch wheels with brake calipers colored "vertigo green" to match the body. Inside, the seats are fabric and mesh with contrast-colored stitching. Fiber-optic lights in the black headliner create a "starlight" effect.

The car's premium Alpine sound system has six speakers and a trunk-mounted subwoofer



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