Jeep gets back in uniform

Decades after the last Jeep saw military service, Chrysler unveils a Wrangler that's ready to enlist.

Back in the Army
The J8 marks Jeep's return to the military market.
Back in the Army
Chrysler's Jeep division recently announced its return to the military equipment market with the Jeep J8, a specially modified version of the popular Jeep Wrangler.

The J8 isn't armored and it's not designed for combat use. It would mostly be used "behind the lines," wherever a light but rugged vehicle is needed to transport people or equipment.

Powered by a four-cylinder diesel engine with a four-speed automatic transmission, the J8 will not be available for use in the United States because it will not meet U.S. emissions requirements. The U.S. military will be a potential customer, however, a Chrysler spokesman said.

The J8 has a reinforced frame and rear leaf-spring suspension for carrying heavier loads. It will be available in a four-door version or as a two-door with an extended pickup bed. It will be built in Cairo, Egypt starting next year.








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