Cars: Best of the best, 2007

These are the models that rose to the top in nine different areas. One is tops in three of them.

Toyota Camry
Best-selling car
Toyota Camry
Ho-hum. Seems like the same thing every year. Camry, Camry, Camry, Camry, Camry. They make 'em, we buy 'em.

It just shows what you get by sticking to the basics. The Camry succeeds, year after year after year, by being a consistently good, reliable car. In its most recent redesign, Toyota added some slightly edgy styling to both the interior and exterior but it's still the good old Camry.

Detroit is fighting back with some quite good cars of their own - the Ford Fusion and Chevrolet Malibu - but it seems unlikely that the Camry will be dethroned any time soon.

Car buyers have long memories and the Camry's virtues - and Detroit's past sins - will likely earn Toyota repeat buyers for many more years.

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