Where are they now? 2005

Anyone who's ever been in the spotlight knows fame is a fickle friend. Back in 2005 we tracked down 11 of these once household names - most of whom haven't spoken to the press in years - to find out what they've been up to.

Corporate lovers
Corporate lovers
Bill Agee, 67, and Mary Cunningham Agee, 53

It was 1980 when the two lost their jobs after starring in business's steamiest soap opera. He was the young, married CEO of Bendix Corp. She was his smart executive assistant whom he promoted very quickly. Married since 1982, they live in Napa Valley and no longer work in corporate America. They've spent much of their time home-schooling their two kids, now 19 and 17 - "Mary was the teacher, and I was the principal and the janitor," says Bill.

He now mentors young entrepreneurs. Mary runs the Nurturing Network, a nonprofit she founded after she had a miscarriage in 1984, which counsels women in crisis pregnancies that abortion is not the only option. "I have a gift born from my own heartache," she says. "And it's a gift I love to share."










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