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Especially in a tough economy, plentiful job opportunities are key to being a great place to live. These 25 counties have experienced the most job growth over the last seven years.

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1. Tooele County, UT
Tooele County, UT
Towns include:  Tooele
Job growth (2000-2007): 123.35%

Historically a mining area, Tooele County has recently struck gold with scientific and technical businesses as well. Increased development has also meant an influx of service jobs.

This year, the county will see the opening of several national chains, including a Gold's Gym, a La Quinta Inn and a Radio Shack. Manufacturer Syracuse Castings opened a Tooele location last year. Top employers include the Department of Defense, the Tooele County School District and EG&G Defense Materials. --B.B.

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Last updated July 28 2008: 10:24 AM ET
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