25 Best Places to Retire

Your post-work years are a time to improve your golf game, take up a new hobby, or just enjoy a well-deserved break. In these great college towns, you can expand your intellectual horizons too.

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23. Duluth, MN
Duluth, MN
Population: 84,284
% over 50: 34%
Median home price: $139,850
State income tax: 7.85%*
Where to take classes: Univ. of Minnesota - Duluth

We're not going to lie. Winter in northern Minnesota can get mighty cold. Fortunately, there are many diversions to ward off cabin fever: exhibits at the Duluth Art Institute, performances by the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra, the country's only all-freshwater aquarium, and continuing education classes through the University of Minnesota. Plus, you may actually relish the winters here thanks to an abundance of cross-country ski trails and a downhill ski resort on the outskirts of town.

When spring hits, festivals, farmers markets and outdoor concerts all come into full swing -- more than making up for the city's sometimes single-digit temperatures during the rest of the year. Duluth's location on Lake Superior's eastern shore makes it a fantastic base camp for exploring the largest freshwater lake in the world (plus a seven-mile natural sandbar) or meandering along the North Shore Scenic Drive. Plus, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is just an hour away. 

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