Travel editor saves money in Asia
Travel editor saves money in Asia

Roger Wade
Kas, Turkey

I was a travel editor living in Portland, Oregon, but I was interested in striking out on my own. I put my things in storage in January 2010, and have been traveling around Asia ever since, stopping for several months at a time to rent apartments.

Writing jobs pay notoriously poorly these days, and new websites take a long time to gain traction, so I decided to build my own business while saving money in cheaper parts of the world.

To cut my expenses way down, I started off in Vietnam for 4 months, where nice hotel rooms with Wi-Fi are common for around $10 a night.

I spent most of last year in Southeast Asia, including three months living in Bangkok and two months living in Chiang Mai before moving onto Nepal and India in 2011.

I also had a paying assignment in the United Arab Emirates, so I stopped in Abu Dhabi and Dubai on my way to Turkey, where I've been for 4 months now.

I'm doing freelance writing plus building websites for some local companies, but mostly I've been developing two new websites of my own, and, both of which are off to solid starts.

Last updated August 30 2011: 12:57 PM ET