Youngstown, Ohio. Median price: $55,400

If you're hunting for a real estate bargain, look no further: Here are 10 cities where the typical home costs less than $82,000.

The nation's cheapest major housing market is the area in and around Youngstown, Ohio. There, the median home price barely breaks $55,000, according to the National Association of Realtors. We're not talking about hovels in slums; these are well-kept homes in nice suburban or city settings priced at levels to make consumers in pricey coastal markets ache with envy.

Want something even nicer. There is a seven bedroom, 4,800 square foot home -- 19 rooms total -- well kept and in the historic district on the market for $150,000. That's not a misprint.

Take your time house hunting: That could save you some dough. Fiserv, the provider of real estate information and analysis, is forecasting a further home price decline in 2011 totaling nearly 12% for the year.

Last updated June 21 2011: 4:54 PM ET

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