Teeny cars worth big bucks

Bruce Weiner is selling the contents of his Georgia Microcar Museum in one huge auction.

1959 Scootacar MK I

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  • Horsepower: 8.5
  • Est. value: $20,000 - $25,000
  • Place of origin: Leeds, England

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Bruce Weiner's Georgia Microcar museum is for sale and 200 of his tiny little cars will be going up for sale February 15th and 16th. Weiner, an avid collector who made his fortune from Dubble Bubble chewing gum, decided he's done collecting the little cars. He said that, having now found a good example of just about every microcar that can be had, he's bored. He's asked RM Auctions to sell the cars for him. (The value estimates in this gallery are RM's.)

Most, but not all, of these cars are from Europe, built in the years just after the second world war when fuel was scarce and road taxes were high.

This Scootacar, a rather late model as microcars go, is from England. Like many microcars, it's essentially a three-wheeled scooter with an enclosed body. It's even steered using something that looks very much like handlebars. Only 1,500 were made and very few survive.

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