Consumer Reports' top car picks - Americans shut out

Detroit automakers don't make it into the influential magazine's list.

Green car: Toyota Prius

consumer reports 2012 toyota prius
  • Base price: $26,750
  • Test score (out of 100): 80
  • CR overall fuel economy: 44 mpg

The Prius has taken this award every year for the last 10 years. That's the longest record for any car in any category. There's simply no other that can match it for fuel economy, practicality and price, according to Consumer Reports. It's fuel economy remains the best the magazine has ever found in a five-seat non-plug-in car.

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To be named one of the Consumer Reports' Top Picks a car has to earn the best marks in performance tests, but it also has to have at least above-average "predicted reliability" based on the magazine's survey data.

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