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Fortune 500: Worst-performing stocks of 2013

These 15 companies sat out the huge market rally -- and a few were on the losers list last year. From repeats like J.C. Penney to tech giant IBM, here are 2013's worst-performing stocks.

The biggest losers

worst stocks

If a stock didn't go up in this market, you know it's got problems. In a year where the S&P 500 surged to a record high, 21 unfortunate companies on the Fortune 500 were down as of December 7th.

But there was no formula for failure: IBM (IBM) shares fell due to concerns about sluggish growth. J.C. Penney (JCP), despite the backing of some prominent investors, couldn't deliver on its much-hyped turnaround strategy. Barnes & Noble (BKS) continues to have problems adapting to the online retail world.

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And in the natural resources sector, Peabody Energy (BTU), Newmont Mining (NEM), and Joy Global (JOY) were all dogged by slumping global commodity prices and soft emerging market demand.

While they don't have much in common, these companies share membership an exclusive club. It's just not the kind you want to join --Jesse Solomon

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