fresh money impossible project oskar smolokowski

Oskar Smolokowski is the 28-year-old CEO of Polaroid Originals, a new Polaroid brand focused on analog instant photography.

When the last remaining Polaroid factory went up for sale in 2008, a group of instant photography fans bought it. They called themselves the Impossible Project, a nod to the challenging task of making instant film and keeping it alive in the digital world. Smolokowski was the former CEO.

The new brand's OneStep camera line is helping to help revitalize the 80-year-old parent company. The latest analog camera instantly prints photos as you take them and comes with built-in flash, self-timer and 60 days of battery life.

"The smartphone is really saturating everyone's lives, but people are reaching out for other ways to experience photography," said Smolokowski. "[Instant photography] is one of the things smartphones can't [replicate] ... it's a physical artifact."

First published March 2, 2018: 9:24 AM ET

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