Europe's top employers for new engineers

For an exclusive CNNMoney list, research firm Universum surveyed engineering and IT students in Europe to see where they most want to work.

1.  Siemens

top engineering employers

The German conglomerate has jumped to the top of the list of most desirable employers, beating BMW Group (BAMXF) -- the top pick from 2012.

Siemens (SI) operates across a range of industries, including energy, railways, healthcare and home appliances.

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Universum, which compiled the ranking, said students value employers that offer innovation, international experience, job stability and leadership and development opportunities.

Siemens ticks all those boxes, said Universum Global director Claudia Tattanelli, adding that the company also offers impressive starting salaries.

Source: Universum compiled its 2013 ranking of Europe's most attractive employers by collecting responses from 49,307 engineering and IT students from across 10 nations, including Germany, France, the U.K., Russia, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland and Austria. The students were asked to list their five most desirable employers. The ranking was based on those preferences, weighted by size of the economy. The majority of survey participants were planning to graduate by the end of 2014. The average respondent was 23 years old.
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