Target calls plus-size color 'manatee gray'

dumbest moments in business target manatee gray 2

An eagle-eyed Target customer named Susan Clemens noticed something strange about a particular gray dress on the company's site. The color of the regular-size dress was called Dark Heather Gray, but the plus-size version was called Manatee Gray -- even though both were the exact same hue.

The discrepancy went viral after Clemens tweeted about it. Target (TGT) quickly pulled the item from its site and apologized for the "unintentional oversight." The company later explained that two different teams had assigned hues to the dresses online.

Mistakes happen, of course ... but maybe don't name any clothing colors after a corpulent marine mammal also known as a sea cow? - J.P.

First published December 18, 2013: 6:38 AM ET

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