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I had 10 jobs before 25

In the search for the ideal job, these millennials job-hopped often in their teens and early twenties.

Working minimized my student debt

james carroll 10 jobs under 25
  • Name: James Carroll, 26
  • Place: Carthage, Texas
  • Current job: Petroleum landman

When I was 16, I was hoping for a new vehicle and it never happened. I realized, if I wanted to get it, I would have to raise the money myself.

Since then, I've had 17 jobs. Many of them were seasonal.

As a freshman in college, I delivered newspapers seven days a week. I'd wake up at 5:30 a.m., deliver papers, and then I'd go to an accounting firm, where I'd run errands and make copies during tax season.

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During Lent season, I'd work at a seafood restaurant. One night I made $300 in tips, which was insane as a college student.

The lowest pay I ever had was as a fry cook at Popeyes. It was $5.15 an hour. Every two weeks you could study a little pamphlet and get a 10 cents raise.

For the most part, all of this working helped minimize my student debt. I graduated with $22,000 in debt and at my new job, I've managed to pay off all my debt in just two years.

This latest job as a petroleum landman is really exciting. I research land through deeds, so we can get a rig out there to drill for oil or gas.

It's challenging me in different ways and it's pushing me toward law school because what I do now is very close to law.

Other jobs: Softball concession sales, house painter, landscaper, Abercrombie & Fitch sales, local election worker, wheat truck driver, insurance sales internship for Northwestern Mutual, sales at Sherwin Williams paint stores, welders assistant, chemical plant contractor

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