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Millennials: Don't call me 'entitled'

These millennials take issue with the 'entitled' stigma - and no, they aren't just whining.

Why stereotype an entire generation?

entitled kreigh knerr

I'm sure there are lazy millennials. I've certainly met plenty of lazy Baby Boomers who like to tell me how hard they work.

Stereotypes sometimes exist for a reason, but only a fool applies them to a whole class. When you're dealing with millions of people, that allows for a whole lot of exceptions.

My parents didn't pay for my college education, nor could I earn enough in my summers between semesters to pay for college. I worked in my summers, usually more than 40 hours, and I worked during the school year, 10+ hours a week most semesters.

Today, I run my own company, the Knerr Learning Center, which offers test prep and tutoring services. I've poured almost $100,000 back into my company in the four years I've been running it full-time, including an investment of over $30,000 to build an iPhone and Android app, QuotEd Reading Comprehension, based on my own research into literacy and critical thinking.

I regularly worked 80+ hour weeks my first two years, including a side-job that I had to work in order to pay my bills. I've since managed to drop to 60 hour weeks of actual work time, if only because I'm actually more productive working fewer hours.

I have no issue with Baby Boomers, but I have no interest in being characterized as lazy or allowing that stigma to be attached to those I know.

  @AnnalynKurtz - Last updated May 17 2013 09:46 AM ET

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