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Brazilians: What we think of the protests

Brazilians cite corruption and lousy government services as key reasons that more than 1 million citizens are protesting.

Bruno Herzog, 26, psychologist

brazilian protester bruno herzog

It's really surreal how everything is unfolding around here. A part of me almost can't believe that something is being done about all the corruption and schemes that we have been through all these years.

Everything started because of the bus tickets' raise from R$3 ($1.33) to R$3.20 ($1.42), but it turned into something much bigger and important. People felt the need to reclaim rights, respect and transparency from our government.

There are so many things to protest against that many people don't even know where to start; they just feel that something is terribly wrong. But people are losing focus -- most of us are going to the streets without clear intentions. As beautiful as it may seem from the outside, from the inside it's more like an 'out-of-time Carnival.'

My gut tells me that we need to continue. We need to fight harder for a change in our political scenario, a political reform.

These interviews have been edited for content and clarity.
  @hargreavesCNN - Last updated June 24 2013 05:10 PM ET

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